Eiffel tower reflection in camera lenses

One of the pros of travel that any smart traveler can have is the ability of capturing a moment, a feeling, and what is better is the ability of capturing a culture. You can do all that properly yourself if you learnt few things about travel photography. Travel Photography has its own appeal and glamour as it manages to reflect the happiness or laughter of random people walking in the streets of foreign countries. Travel Photography also frames the beauty and excellence of architecture and buildings that attract the eyes of tourists. Above all, Travel Photography has proven that human souls can be healed only by looking at Mother Nature, amazing landscapes, and marveling at mountains, rivers, sky, or the photos of them.  All those photos that reflect human feelings, nature beauty, diverse cultures, a smell of a place, and a memory of time can be derived from travel photography.

Threw away the travel guide, get lost, wander around, and enjoy. Do not limit yourself by famous places, and touristic attractions. Explore the city you want to photograph to have the privilege of finding unique places and make people explore it through your lens. In strange places, you will find yourself wanting to explore more, see more, know more information about new places and photographing them from different angles. Try to merge with locals, not tourists like you. Go to local places, use buses, subways, trains, and trams where you will find groups of natives, listen to their talk, just observe, and shoot. It is even better to interact with them, and ask if you can take their pictures. You might get lucky with a photo of spontaneous smile, a beautiful dress, or a quiet person sitting in his chair with a phone or a book in his hands.


Make sure to include the larger scale; the background, which should be of course the trade mark of the city, and combine it with life; a human being, you, your friends, or any local. This trade mark can be either a famous building, or a landscape. You should be prepared in both cases. Travel photography regarding buildings, for example, requires knowing about the history of the building to be aware of its value, and historical people attached to it. This will make you see it with a different eye, and accordingly shoot it with a different eye. Travel photography regarding landscapes requires a creative mind. Make a scene, mix waves with rocks, or capture a bird flying in the sky at the sunset by an antique building. Something like that is always amazing in travel photography.


Travel photography can be impossible if you are travelling with lots of luggage, therefore, always make sure you carry just one back bag, so you can enjoy the experience. Take your time in each city you visit, and do not engage yourself with crowded travel programs. Plan your own program if you have to. It takes more than one time for an actor to get the right performance in a certain scene, and more than one draft for a writer to finish a novel, even any painter messes up more than one portrait to get the right one, so why not travel photography take its time too? So take as many photos as you can to get the best one. And make the best of your travel with travel photography.