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Akaba , an overview

Akaba is a Jordan city by the red sea. It is 330 km away from Amman the capital. It is bordered by Haql city in KSA through Aldorra center. It is also bordered by Egypt, Ilat city through Wadi Akaba crossroad. Those both cities lie at Akaba bay that is branched from the red sea. Akaba is famous for its diving areas, and the beaches by the red sea coast.

What to do in Akaba

Swimming, water skiing, and diving are the most known activities in Akaba. Other than that you can spend the night in the desert with the original habitants, the Bedouins. You can visit many cafes and restaurants in the city to taste different kinds of food.

Getting around in Akaba

Akaba is connected to Amman, the neighboring areas, and countries at the borders through a modern network of highways. There are many companies that serve transportation between Aqaba, Amman, and other cities by modern buses. Jet Company is the most common transportation company. There is also Altheqa Company, and Almotamayez Company. You can reach Akaba through public buses. Al Aqaba train system does not transfer any passengers in the meantime; however, it is used for goods shipping. Renting a car is recommended if you wanted to go to the touristic attractions alone in the city.

Akaba hotels

There is a variety of luxury and medium class hotels in Aqaba offering many services for tourists with notably water sports activities and excursions in the Gulf of Aqaba. Among the most prominent hotels is Al Marsa Hotel, which is a low-budget hotel located in the city center. Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort Aqaba is located on the southern shore, and one of the 5-stars hotels offering excellent services.

Akaba tourist attractions

Tourism in Akaba is active for many reasons as it is a coastal area by the red sea. There are many historical places to visit. Akaba is full with tourists who come to enjoy the sea view and the weather. Akaba has the most important environmental touristic projects in Jordan such as watching birds. Akaba station has millions of immigrant birds passing by on its way to Africa and Europe during autumn and spring. There are also big trees, wood, and garden in the area beside the water areas. All these places attract rare birds from all over the world. This makes it an interesting place for scientists.

More info on Akaba

Akaba has the sea science station by the south beach of Akaba bay, which is a gallery of sea creatures where you can watch coral reefs, fish, and other sea creatures that inhabit Akaba bay.

Below is some information about airports located in Akaba

King Hussein Int´l Airport Code: AQJ

King Hussein International Airport is also known by Akaba Airport. It lies near the International Industrial Akaba City at the northern side of Akaba city in Jordan. The airport has one first class course. It can be reached by taxi.

Map of Akaba

Quick facts Akaba

Below are some facts about Akaba, Jordan.
  • Population: 103 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: JOD
  • 1JOD = 1.41 USD

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