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Cheapest flights to Paris?

You'll find the cheapest flights to Paris in February or late spring and early summer. Many companies fly to Paris including Ryan Air, Air Berlin and Norwegian. Airlines, SAS, Air France, KLM and Lufthansa. Prices vary a lot between these companies but you can compare rates before booking.

Price graph for Paris

The price graph shows an average of the lowest airfares to Paris, France found on Prices are for 1 adult, round trip from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö / Copenhagen to Paris. The graph indicates when you can expect to find cheap flights to Paris during the year. You get live prices through the search function at the top of the page.

Paris , an overview

It is known that Paris is the city of romance. With all the fashion streets, restaurants, cafes and liquor you will find it an unforgettable visit. The city is a work of art with the architecture, rich culture and history. Paris is a city that touches all your senses and you can't leave without a smile on your face.

What to do in Paris

Take a boat trip on the Seine River to see Paris. Then go to Place des Vosges; the home of Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, Blah, and Hunchback of Notre Dame author. If you're interested in modern designs, please visit Georges Pompidou Centre.

Getting around in Paris

The subway system, buses and trains service works well in Paris, they are inexpensive and quick to move in Paris. Taxis stay on the road, prices vary from time to time of day, and some taxi drivers expect you to provide 10% tip for them but it is not obligatory.

Paris hotels

Like all great cities, Paris has a wide range of hotels of all categories. But if you want to stay in the Middle of the city, you will have to pay more. Timhotel Opera Madeleine is an excellent option in the heart of one of the most populous neighborhoods, nearby the Champs Elysées Hotel is renowned. If you are in Paris for love, we recommend Hotel Villa Opera Drouot.

Paris tourist attractions

The most famous sights of Paris is the Eiffel Tower, from here you can get a great view of Paris. Because of overcrowding in the queue row, try going early. In addition, you must visit the Louvre also in Paris, here you see the most famous artworks in the world. We recommend that you purchase the card entitles you entry to over 70 Museums. Notre Dame Cathedral is a famous piece of art in itself and worth visiting. Arc de Triomphe near the famous Champs always welcomes you.

More info on Paris

A curfew in several parts of Paris will make you think you're in the wrong place during the night. If you have children, go to Disneyland Paris just a few miles north Paris, where children enjoy many games. Enjoy dinner in Paris, you will find the best global kitchen standards. Don't forget bringing few bottles of wine.

Below is some information about airports located in Paris

Charles de Gaulle Airport Code: CDG

23 km northeast of the Centre of Paris, is the main airport in France.

Orly Airport Code: ORY

The airport is located 14 km south of central Paris.

Map of Paris

Quick facts Paris

Below are some facts about Paris, France.
  • Population: 10 414 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: EUR
  • 1EUR = 1.09 USD

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