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Cheapest flights to Antalya?

The cheapest flights to Antalya can be out of the rush season during winter spring and autumn. But sometimes anyone can get a cheap ticket at the last moment. You can get to Antalya by the Turkish airlines, and Pegasus. During the summer, direct planned flights fly there from Swedish cities.

Price graph for Antalya

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Antalya , an overview

Antalya is located by the southern Turkish bay on the Middle East; it is a big city with more than 1 million population. Here, you can have both the city vacation and the beach vacation in the best way. Many tourists in Antalya prefer staying at near resorts such as Alanya, Kemer, and side.

What to do in Antalya

Sun, beach, and swimming in Antalya and the Mediterranean are few of what Antalya has to offer to tourists. There are many other things to do there such as safari trips to Toro’s mountains, discoveries the natural beauty of the city and its local life style in one of its small neighborhoods. Antalya can be discovered by a boat trip in the Mediterranean. Unstoppable Night life in Antalya during summer is wild. There are cheap and good restaurants in the city.

Getting around in Antalya

The easiest way to move inside Antalya is by walking or riding buses. You can try dolmus, which is the city`s new cheap taxi that transfers people, you will find them in turkey and north Cyprus, you can also make it stop at any time.

Antalya hotels

Most travelers prefer getting the complete package Antalya, from airline reservations to the hotel, which includes everything in a resort outside Alanya, but there are also good hotels in the heart of Antalya. Usually hotels in Antalya are inexpensive and maximum average per tonight is up to 400 kronor. But there are also expensive large and luxurious hotels. Delphin Palace Hotel is a beautiful and quiet hotel located in the old quarter of Antalya, not far from the beautiful harbor and all the monuments. If you prefer a 5-star hotel choose Mardan Palace Hotel.

Antalya tourist attractions

There are many important historical touristic attractions in Antalya that go back 1000s years back. Walk the narrow romantic neighborhoods of the old classy town, and drink a cup of Turkish tea in an open coffee by the sea. You will find the amazing Roman Aspendes theatre outside Antalya which is known worldwide and holds summer parties till now.

More info on Antalya

Temperature rises in summer massively. So the best time to visit Antalya is during spring or autumn when weather is warmer and less crowded. If you like golf, you can play at Belck town that lies around 2 miles from Antalya.

Below is some information about airports located in Antalya

Antalya International Airport Code: AYT

Antalya international airport is 10 KMs away to the east of the city center. It is one of the crowded airports with full package flights especially during summer. Flights are scheduled daily to many Turkish and European cities. It is easy to get to the city and cheap to use the regular buses.

Map of Antalya

Quick facts Antalya

Below are some facts about Antalya, Turkey.
  • Population: 1 042 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: TL
  • 1TL = 1 USD

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