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Kuwait City , an overview

Kuwait City is the capital of the State of Kuwait and is located on the Arabian Gulf coast in the southern part of the Bay of Kuwait city and consists of four regions, which are Sharq, Jeblah, Marqab and Dasman. Kuwait City was the city inhabited by the majority of the population in Kuwait before the period of oil. The city was surrounded by fences and gates as the traditional of the Arab countries in the past. Kuwait City passed through periods where several developments have been distributed to a number of neighborhoods, and these neighborhoods have become at the present time complete areas.

What to do in Kuwait City

There are a number of cafes, restaurants, parks, museums, and popular markets in Kuwait, such as the most prominent Mubarakiya markets, where one finds everything he is looking for such as clothes, perfumes, incense and where there are some restaurants that offer Kuwaiti, Iranian and Indian meals. You can visit the Liberation Tower, which is one of the highest towers in the world with a length of 370 meters. On the other hand you can visit the Scientific Center and watch the aquarium, which includes a variety of fish, including sharks and the cost of entry is about $ 9 per person. A visit to Kuwait Towers is inevitable to watch the gorgeous scenery of Kuwait City and its surroundings as well as eating a meal at the top of the tower.

Getting around in Kuwait City

Kuwait is known for its modern public transportation network, and the organized modern roads. The best way to move is taxis for inside out. If you want to go to the desert, then renting a car is recommended. What is special is Kuwait is the low prices of oil which means you will not pay any extra expenses if you drive for a long time.

Kuwait City hotels

There is a huge group of hotels in Kuwait, mostly hotels are first class luxurious hotels such as Swiss Belhotel plaza Kuwait city, Carlton, tower Kuwait hotel, and Ritz east hotel. If you are looking for luxury, excellent high quality services, and a sea view, stay at marina hotel in Kuwait.

Kuwait City tourist attractions

Kuwait has many huge buildings, malls, institutions and official palaces such as Altahreer tower, Kuwait towers, Kuwait national assembly, Assaif palace, Alael palace, Alkabeer mosque, Kuwait national library and Kuwait market for financial papers.

More info on Kuwait City

We recommend you to visit Kuwait in winter, and autumn, because temperature riseS in summer in Kuwait.

Below is some information about airports located in Kuwait City

Code: KWI

The airport is located at Alfroaneya area, it is 15.5 km away to the south of Kuwait city. The airport offers Aljazeera air, and Kuwait air services, it is a modern airport with a new added station in 201. It can be reached by taxi.

Map of Kuwait City

Quick facts Kuwait City

Below are some facts about Kuwait City, Kuwait.
  • Population: 3 965 022
  • Language:
  • Currency: KWD
  • 1KWD = 3.27 USD

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