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Bangkok , an overview

Bangkok is a dirty city with terrible traffic jam and intense population. Many people see it as paradise, with the variety of temples and skyscrapers. Experience the modern life, and the old culture of the city makes it worth the visit. Are you shop alcoholic? This is your ideal place.

What to do in Bangkok

You can have fun in Bangkok. There are many resorts to relax away from the wild city life. If you prefer self-defense sports, then this is your place. Thailand boxing is not available in Sweden and most of the countries in the world. Visiting the city is recommended during contests and periods to watch the games. Playing Golf is probably better in other places in Thailand; however, you will find many golf courts in Bangkok.

Getting around in Bangkok

There are a number of ways to move in Bangkok. Cheaper and weirdest way to move is the tuk-tuk, which is a bicycle wheel with the passenger sitting in the back. Skytrain moves in most parts of the city and is fast and inexpensive. There are a number of rivers in Bangkok and there are water taxis.

Bangkok hotels

There are a large number of hotels from luxury to low-income. Along Silom and Sukhumvit street there are many hotels with good standards. Lebua at State Tower actually is luxury and it is near everything. Millennium Hilton Bangkok is a good hotel with budget prices, great bar, and 32-floor with fantastic views revealing the whole city. keep in mind that there may be a surcharge on the price.

Bangkok tourist attractions

Since you are in Bangkok, visit the palaces, religious, cultural, and archaeological sites. Royal Grand Palace is a large palace complex. Wat Phra Kaeo is a Buddha icon with strict rules for clothing inside the Palace. The National Museum is worth a visit and large. It needs more than a visit to see it all.

More info on Bangkok

The best time to be in Bangkok is between November and February when there is no rain. Shopping is fun because there are so many shops, markets, shopping malls and everything one could ever want. You should be aware of taxi drivers who take Commission for getting you to one of the shops or shopping centres.

Below is some information about airports located in Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Airport Code: BKK

Located 30 km east of Bangkok and inaugurated in 2006 to replace Don Muang airport. Is one of the busiest airports in South Asia, with more than 45 million passengers a year.

Map of Bangkok

Quick facts Bangkok

Below are some facts about Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Population: 10 327 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: THB
  • 36.28THB = 1 USD

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