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Amman , an overview

Amman Jordan capital might seem at first glance like it doesn`t have a lot to offer for ordinary tourists, but appearances deceive, there are countless places, exciting and hidden attractions in the city. Amman's history goes back thousands of years but nowadays it is a modern and international city with friendly attitude to visitors who are received cheerfully.

What to do in Amman

Do you like shopping? There are many shops, famous brands, agencies, a number of modern shopping and well-equipped centers. But to buy a souvenir, visit the old quarter of the market, a maze of small streets and stalls with strong smell of spices that float in the air. Entertainment is concentrated in Amman in the western parts of the city and here you can find countless restaurants, cafes, shisha cafes, a few nightclubs and bars.

Getting around in Amman

The easiest way to move to the city is by public buses or taxis. Some taxis operate as mini-buses and a number of passengers are transported in transit.

Amman hotels

Luxury hotels in Amman breathe together, but you can get cheaper hotels if you are not interested in quality. For example, Larsa is a good and affordable choice near Mecca Mall. Le Amman Rial is suitable for businessmen.

Amman tourist attractions

The castle is one of the main attractions in the city located in central Amman, which makes it easy to access. Inside the castle one can find the ruins of the Ramani temple dedicated to the God Hercules also the ancient Byzantine Church and the National Archaeological Museum are close to the remnants of the Roman Theatre.

More info on Amman

For an unforgettable experience, go to the control point near the castle to watch the spectacular sunset from there, the sun disappears behind the surfaces and the city lights turns off. Calls come from hundreds of mosques scattered in the city of oak while the sun disappears behind the mountains. Remember that Jordan is an Islamic country, and although the modern city of Amman is Western somewhat but preferably women should wear decent clothes, especially if they want to visit mosques or other religious buildings.

Below is some information about airports located in Amman

Queen Alia International Airport Code: AMM

Queen Alia International Airport is located 32 km to the South of Amman and is the largest airport in Jordan. One can take a bus or taxi to the city Centre. A railway between the airport and central Amman is being established.

Map of Amman

Quick facts Amman

Below are some facts about Amman, Jordan.
  • Population: 1 919 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: JOD
  • 1JOD = 1.41 USD

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