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Cheapest flights to Sharm el Sheikh?

Sharm el Sheikh is a popular tourist destination during the summer when there are several scheduled flights to Sharm el-Sheikh. In spring and autumn you find really cheap flights but it is also possible to book cheap flights early summer in August when they start school in Sweden.

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Sharm el Sheikh , an overview

Sharm el Sheikh is a charming and beautiful city and one of the most important destinations for swimming, sunbathing and beautiful weather lovers. Many scuba divers from all over the world gather to enjoy the coral reefs and discover shipwrecks in azure water. Families and couples come to Sharm el Sheikh to spend days along beautiful sandy beaches and good service in a great atmosphere.

What to do in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is the paradise you are looking for a holiday, swimming and enjoying the sun along with a lot of water sports available in the region, such as boating, water skiing and driving the water cart along with diving, which is one of the major sports to discover the beautiful coral reefs. For golf lovers there is a good golf course. One can also seize the opportunity and enjoy one of the resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh. In the evening you can visit the restaurants and bars or experience your luck in the casino. Outside Sharm el-Sheikh, one finds many sights such as the national park, visit Mount Sinai where Moses learned to speak with God and you can also go by jeep to see the desert landscape and picturesque. Meet nomads living traditions and offering guests food and drink.

Getting around in Sharm el Sheikh

If you are in Sharm el-Sheikh, it is easy to walk around the city by taxi or minibuses.

Sharm el Sheikh hotels

Too many hotels in Sharm El Sheikh and you can get a hotel room for 200 kronor per night and more. Of the best options is the Domina Bay Aqamarine Pool, a five-star hotel, if you're lucky you can get a room for as little as 700 kronor per night. On the other hand, Baron Resort could be an option if you can pay more than 3,000 kronor per night and for those who would like to get an inexpensive hotels and spend money on other things, there are a number of different options, one of which is the Sol Y Mar Charming Inn with beautiful sea scenes where we can get everything within a single night.

Sharm el Sheikh tourist attractions

The old part of Sharm el-Sheikh is the most interesting. There are many sights that attract you to it in all parts of Sharm el-Sheikh. National Marine Ras Mohammed is a place best suited for those with experience in all aspects of life in the sea and in the mainland. In the desert, there is interesting exciting nature. Mount Sinai is perhaps is part of the Egyptians memory since the time of Moses, peace be upon him, and St. Catherine monestary on top. However one should have the ability to withstand the experience of Mount Sinai.

More info on Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is the area along the Red Sea coast known as the international city of peace where a variety of peace negotiations among various countries were held there. As a tourist you will notice that the city is friendly to visitors with all its attractions.

Below is some information about airports located in Sharm el Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport Code: SSH

Sharm el-Sheikh international airport, formerly called airport in Uvira. The Airport serves more than 6.5 million passengers, making it the second largest airport in Egypt. Buses or taxis are transporting passengers to and from the airport.

Map of Sharm el Sheikh

Quick facts Sharm el Sheikh

Below are some facts about Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.
  • Population: 40 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: EGP
  • 48.25EGP = 1 USD

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