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Tunisia , an overview

Tunisia is the capital of Tunisia, and lies by the Mediterranean. It is a relatively small city but it saves all efforts to improve resorts at the north and south side of the city which makes you notice the originality of Tunis, and find more life in North Africa.

What to do in Tunisia

It is fun to shop in Tunisia and find everything in the small stores in the city center. Always remember to negotiate prices. Sidi Bu Saied is a beautiful small village outside Tunisia, it is famous for its beautiful white houses, and its blue doors, windows, and roofs. There are sandy beaches near the village where you can swim during the hot summer.

Getting around in Tunisia

You can move in the city center on foot, but if you want to get away from the city you can use the metro or local trains or buses or Louages ​​a taxi where the number of people involved and where about 8 seats.

Tunisia hotels

There are many hotels in Tunisia where you can choose, but do not expect anything to be cheap. Hotel Du Parc offers medium quality; it is outside the city, and near the airport. If you want to stay in the city center, stay at hotel majestic or even better hotel Africa.

Tunisia tourist attractions

To get a better idea of the history of Tunisia, walk the city included in the World Heritage List. It is characterized by narrow streets and mazes where you see the old buildings, mosques and squares where they sold the slave markets in the past. In the Bardo Museum, located in a former Ottoman palace, one can see the effects of a major exhibition from all over Tunisia. Your trip to Tunisia would not be complete without a full day visit to the fantastic ancient city of Carthage, located 15 km outside the city center.

More info on Tunisia

Tunisia has a cold rainy winter, and a hot dry summer like the Mediterranean. Even though the ocean helps having stable temperature, warm wind comes from the desert to the city during summer which makes it a hot city. The best time to visit Tunisia is during spring or autumn when you can enjoy fresh air.

Below is some information about airports located in Tunisia

Tunis-Carthage Airport Code: TUN

Tunisia airport is relatively small and lies 8 km outside the city. The fastest way to reach the city center is by buses that drives regularly during day, use the taxi if you arrive at night.

Map of Tunisia

Quick facts Tunisia

Below are some facts about Tunisia, Tunisia.
  • Population: 729 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: TND
  • 3.1TND = 1 USD

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