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Flight tickets to Qatar are almost the same all the time, booking early gets you better prices. Qatar is one of the countries that has airline company that flies all over the world, it is also liknking point between Europe, and east asia. You can reach doha by using Qatar airlines from Stockholm, or cobenhagn.

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Doha , an overview

Doha is the capital of Qatar, and it is also a coastal city that lies in the middle of the eastern coast of Qatar Peninsula by the Arab gulf beach. There are huge mall port and modern airport that connects the city with the rest of the world. It is also known by many mosques and modern buildings. It is also known for organizing the Asian Olympics 200, which is the biggest Asian Olympics in the world till now.

What to do in Doha

There are many activities in Doha such as visiting the zoo, but know the open days first, some days are specified for families and others are for women and children under 9 years. Some days are open for everyone. At night, you can take a wooden boat trip for around 50-60 SR to watch the light reflected on water. You can visit Waqef Souq that contains many cafes, restaurants, and stores. Go to nightclubs in the biggest hotels such as Ramada plaza, W Hotel, and Sheraton Resort. Enjoy one of the musical or global dancer’s shows with the entertainment bands that present amazing shows all the time. If you are looking for an original arab night, visit one of the shisha or cigarettes cafes. Here you will find big billows with fruit flavored shisha. Sit in a café by Waqf Souq or on a blanket by the Cornish and enjoy the sky view.

Getting around in Doha

You can move in Qatar by using public transportation like buses that were founded in 2002, and new taxis as they are organized and can be founded all over Qatar. If you wanted a tour on your own, you can rent a car.

Doha hotels

One can find a group of diverse hotels with different levels and qualities. If you are looking for a luxury hotel, then stay at the Ritz Carlton, Doha, which has a great view of Doha and the sea on the other side. Al Jomrok Boutique Hotel is a 5 star hotel with a good quality and a maximum fee of 700 Swedish Croons per night.

Doha tourist attractions

The Islamic art museum is designed by the famous architect AM.B by the Cornish with great special collection reflecting the essence of the Islamic art from the 7th C to the 19th C. history lovers can enjoy the local history by visiting sheikh Faisal Museum for a beautiful collection of the Arabic monuments on the other hand, there is a modern art museum that was recently open for modern art lovers. You can also enjoy Khour Beach, that is one hour away to Doha. It is an amazing sea with 40 meters high sand, sea plants, and wild animals. Try a safari trip to enjoy the untouched nature of Doha Sahara. Use your adventurous spirit and visit water sports places by the beach in many bays, hotels, and resorts around Doha.

More info on Doha

For sport fans, there is a chance to play golf on Doha championship court, or playing football or riding horses. To experience the traditional local sport, you should attend one of the horse races that are held during winter.

Below is some information about airports located in Doha

Code: DOH

Hamad international airport was known by international Doha airport, and it is the main airport in Qatar. It was founded in 2014; the first landing from Qatar was celebrated. 29 million travelers use the airport yearly; it is being prepared to serve 50 million travelers per year. You can reach it by taxi.

Map of Doha

Quick facts Doha

Below are some facts about Doha, Qatar.
  • Population: 1 450 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: QAR
  • 3.66QAR = 1 USD

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