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Cheapest flights to Beirut?

Travelling to Lebanon at peak times is a bit expensive, especially during the summer, the Christmas period and New Year. There are many flights from Sweden to Beirut If you want to get a cheap price you should travel in the spring, where a large number of expatriate workers in the neighboring countries, the Lebanese do not visit Lebanon at this time of year, making it the best time to book travel tickets at good prices .KLM, SAS, Air France, Turkish Airlines, and a number of other companies have regular flights to Beirut. While Middle East Airlines of Lebanon may fly from Copenhagen.

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The price graph shows an average of the lowest airfares to Beirut, Lebanon found on Prices are for 1 adult, round trip from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö / Copenhagen to Beirut. The graph indicates when you can expect to find cheap flights to Beirut during the year. You get live prices through the search function at the top of the page.

Beirut , an overview

Beirut is a wonderful city affected by the war several times but survived and remained alive. Currently the situation is good and stable. Beirut is located on the beach and behind the towering majestic mountains, giving the impression that the city welcomes all visitors who are surprised by this wonderful design and the mixture between the sea and the mountain. The city's population is characterized by being close to the constant visitors and welcoming them which makes it a friendly city for all its visitors. Excellent food, wonderful warm sun, and sea along the city and all of Lebanon.

What to do in Beirut

There are plenty of activities in Beirut. With the large number of activities and places it is difficult to get a dull moment, and life goes on day and night. Please visit at least one among many of the world's high-end stores to shop where prices ranging from very expensive and very medium to some extent. Please take one of the boats that run from Beirut and along the coast to other cities in the north or the south for wonderful views along the coast trips. Go to Jounieh, 16 kilometers north of Beirut, and use the cable car which takes you from the coast in Jounieh to the top of the summit there to visit the largest statue of the Virgin Mary. The views of this site is breathtaking and beautiful.

Getting around in Beirut

There are only two ways to move around Beirut, either taxis or buses. There is no timeline for buses, but it stops in many places and available during the day. Taxis can get you anywhere; it is also cheaper relatively than taxis in Sweden. It costs 13 dollars to get you from Beirut to Goneya. Sharing the ride with other people will make it more fun even during the traffic jam.

Beirut hotels

Standard hotels in Beirut are very high, but there are two options, either the budget or the very luxurious level for you to choose. For the Lebanese themselves, prices are too high for their income, but for us in Sweden, the price is acceptable. Prices are thoughtful and good when you can pay $ 50 per night in a hotel, and if you're looking for a first class hotel, you will pay between 100 and 200 USD per night. There is another option which is to stay in the chalet which is a flat within a residential complex. It is a good option if you want to stay for a longer time in the city. Radisson SAS Martinez is a first-class hotel located downtown Beirut, which is an excellent option for those who would like to obtain a high level of service at a good price level. Grand Hotel Versaels is located in Hamra Street.

Beirut tourist attractions

You are in Beirut, you have to shop and search for everything special in Lebanon. Lebanon is a small country with a very short time to visit all its attractions. Start it with a trip to Geita Cave Jungle. It has many narrow coral reefs, alleys, and passages carved by nature, and Calcic water coming from Lebanon heights to form a world of tops, shapes, carvings, and strange formations. Lebanese consider it the jewel of Lebanon tourism. Many Lebanese and foreign adventurers discovered it along the history. Visiting the commercial center in Beirut; that was built after the civil war, has many buildings with traces of bullets as a clue of the unforgettable events in Beirut. You will find many phoenix monuments for tourists. If you have time, visit Baalbek and the oldest temple in the world that has thousands of tourists yearly. If you are staying in Beirut , then you should visit Rousha, and Cornish, have a picnic at night, do some sports, run, walk, or have dinner, fresh drinks, desert, and many other Lebanese food.

More info on Beirut

Beirut City is hot in summer so you should always carry with you a bottle of water if you want to go out, and there are small shops all over the place to buy the necessary water, which do not cost more than 2-3 kronor. The Lebanese like to be seen as decent people and they are always friendly and smiley to their visitors. Make sure you know the cost of the taxi before riding it or order a taxi from one of the companies over the phone, and sometimes you will find it cheaper than getting it from the street.

Below is some information about airports located in Beirut

Rafic Hariri International airport Code: BEY

It lies at the south of the capital. It is being widened and renewed for the past few years. 4 million travelers use it yearly.

Map of Beirut

Quick facts Beirut

Below are some facts about Beirut, Lebanon.
  • Population: 1 900 000
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: LBP
  • 89567.02LBP = 1 USD

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