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Travelling to Lebanon at peak times is a bit expensive, especially during the summer, the Christmas period and New Year. There are many flights from Sweden to Beirut If you want to get a cheap price you should travel in the spring, where a large number of expatriate workers in the neighboring countries, the Lebanese do not visit Lebanon at this time of year, making it the best time to book travel tickets at good prices .KLM, SAS, Air France, Turkish Airlines, and a number of other companies have regular flights to Beirut. Middle East Airlines of Lebanon may fly from Copenhagen.

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Aley , an overview

It is a Lebanese city located in Mount Lebanon, 17 km from Beirut. Located in its center Aley and called the bride of Lebanese Resorts ' as it is famous as a center of attraction for Lebanese and Arab vacationers.

What to do in Aley

Aley is a major tourist destination many Lebanese and Arabs visit especially in the summer to enjoy the mild weather. There are many restaurants in Aley with concerts of artists and dancers throughout the summer in an atmosphere full of fun and entertainment to provide the best and most delicious traditional Lebanese foods.

Getting around in Aley

What attract more than one in Aley are the breathtaking top views of Beirut. Go camping in Aley Mountains and valleys between the trees in the vast forests and visit the riding horse club in Aley. Practice diverse activities and sports such as mountain climbing and Scouts trips in the forest. You can also visit historical places in the city, which gives the visitor more information about the history of this city and Lebanon in general. Aley is a multicultural city and its inhabitants has several values and religions, which gives it a special atmosphere.

Aley hotels

There are highly diverse range of hotels and resorts that offer better services to visitors of the city, especially in the summer at the opening of the terrace, swimming pools and parties etc.

Aley tourist attractions

Moving in Aley needs car rental with or without driver, as no one can find plenty of taxis or buses in the area. If you wanted shopping or moving in the city itself, you can walk.

More info on Aley

A number of artists hold concerts in Aley such as UM kolthum and Abdel Wahab and Farid El Atrache and others from the golden generation, even today many Lebanese and Arab artists hold concerts in Aley to attract thousands of inhabitants of the city, the surrounding areas and Arab tourists too.

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Map of Aley

Quick facts Aley

Below are some facts about Aley, Lebanon.
  • Population: 90 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: LBP
  • 1527.1LBP = 1 USD

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