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Traveling to Lebanon during rush season is expensive especially during summer, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There are many flights from Sweden to Beirut, if you want cheap flight, then travel in spring when many immigrant Lebanese and workers in neighboring countries do not visit Lebanon during this time which makes it a perfect time for you to book a ticket with good prices. KLM, SAS, Air France, Turkish Airlines, and many other companies have steady flights to Beirut. The Middle East Airlines that belongs to Lebanon has flights coming from Copenhagen.

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Batroun , an overview

Batroun is a Lebanese city in the north province. It is a small coastal city that depends mostly on the economic traffic that is created by the people who live in the mountains who visit during the winter. But in the last period, the city took great steps toward tourism to be equal to the other cities by the Lebanese coast.

What to do in Batroun

You can enjoy your time by the beaches of Batroun in day light. Enjoy cafes at night. You can also visit nightclubs and bars that you will find all over the city. Shopping in the old markets takes you in another world of unmistakable fun.

Getting around in Batroun

You can walk inside the city, but if you want to go farther such as the mountains, it is better to rent a car to move because taxis there are a little expensive for long rides. It is hard to find a taxi in the mountains, or the highest.

Batroun hotels

There are 5 hotels with different levels and qualities in Batroun such as Sori Beach hotel that lies by the beach of the Lebanese Batroun bay. It offers wide rooms that overlook the Mediterranean. The hotel has swimming pools, gym, and a private beach. Aqualand Hotel and resort has rooms with air conditioners and private terraces that overlook the big swimming pool, Batroun beach by the Mediterranean, free internet services, and free parking zones.

Batroun tourist attractions

Batroun is a coastal city which makes it a great opportunity to visit the Mediterranean and enjoy the azure water, great sand beaches along with visiting the markets with the great ancient designs. These markets go way back to a long beautiful history with clobber lands, and wood doors.

More info on Batroun

Batroun has a wonderful nature where churches and monasteries spread across its heights, some of them are located in the touristic Doma. It is also characterized by rice fields up the Tanoreen village.

Below is some information about airports located in Batroun

Rafic Hariri International airport Code: BEY

The airport lies at the south of the capital it was renewed and broadened in the past years. It has about 4 million travelers per year.

Map of Batroun

Quick facts Batroun

Below are some facts about Batroun, Lebanon.
  • Population: 45 000
  • Language:
  • Currency: LBP
  • 1527.1LBP = 1 USD

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