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Cheapest flights to Bhamdoun?

Traveling to Lebanon at peak times is a bit expensive, especially in the summer, Christmas and New Year. There are many flights from Sweden to Beirut, if you want to get a cheap price you should travel in the spring, when a large number of expatriate workers in the neighboring countries do not visit Lebanon at this time of year, making it the best time to book flight tickets with good prices. KLM, SAS, Air France, Turkish Airlines, and a number of other companies have regular flights to Beirut. While Middle East Airlines of Lebanon flies from Copenhagen.

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Bhamdoun , an overview

Bhamdoun lies at Aley in Lebanon at Lebanon Mountain govern. It is 35 km away from Beirut and 1000 meters above the sea deck.

What to do in Bhamdoun

Evenings in Bhamdoun have special taste in restaurants that do not close its doors before sunrise along with concerts that do not stop, which gives a beautiful image of Lebanon and the town of Bhamdoun in particular. Enjoy visiting the mountains and valleys surrounding Bhamdoun as an opportunity not to be missed especially in the summer and enjoy skiing and playing with ice during winter, especially in the town whose population does not exceed 1,500, most of them Christians who love staying late to enjoy and spend the most beautiful times.

Getting around in Bhamdoun

As any other Lebanese cities, you can get along without transportation in Bhamdoun and walk but if you want to go to Aley or farther places, you should rent a car. Taxis are available in the city but expensive if you want to go far.

Bhamdoun hotels

There are a variety of hotels with different levels and degrees in Bhamdoun. Safir Bhamdoun Hotel is one of the best hotels situated in an ideal location at the top of Bhamdoun and overlooking green valleys. It offers luxury accommodation and a restaurant with an outdoor terrace, and great views in addition to a parking and free internet access. It costs about 1271 SEK per night which makes it one of the most expensive hotels in the region. The Carlton Bhamdoun Hotel is less expensive and is also suitable for families. You can find some shops and restaurants within a 10-minute walk from the hotel.

Bhamdoun tourist attractions

The most attractive things Bhamdoun to tourists are the beautiful scenes of green valleys and mountains, the beautiful nature, and the moderate weather in summer and cold in winter, when it shows weather is more moderate in spring and summer.rnFestivals are held yearly in Bhamdoun with the participation of great artists in parties, night clubs, restaurants, and cafes in the city.

More info on Bhamdoun

There are good house compounds in Bhamdoun, with 800 of them in the station, which means that it contains 10-12 villages, with houses for rent, and around 8 hotels. The weather is dry and healthy. There is a special commercial market, luxury hotels, organized apartments that overlook the best scenes of Lebanon and Lamartian valley.

Below is some information about airports located in Bhamdoun

Rafic Hariri International airport Code: BEY

It lies at the south of the capital. It is being widened and renewed for the past few years. 4 million travelers use it yearly.

Map of Bhamdoun

Quick facts Bhamdoun

Below are some facts about Bhamdoun, Lebanon.
  • Population: 1 500
  • Language:
  • Currency: LBP
  • 1527.1LBP = 1 USD

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