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Cheapest flights to Broummana?

Traveling to Lebanon at peak times is a bit expensive, especially in the summer, Christmas and New Year. There are many flights from Sweden to Beirut, if you want to get a cheap price you should travel in the spring, when a large number of expatriate workers in the neighboring countries do not visit Lebanon at this time of year, making it the best time to book flight tickets with good prices. KLM, SAS, Air France, Turkish Airlines, and a number of other companies have regular flights to Beirut. While Middle East Airlines of Lebanon flies from Copenhagen.

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Broummana , an overview

It is one of the Lebanese villages among Qadaa Almetn villages in Lebanon Mountain govern. It is 750 meters above the sea deck, and 20 km away from Beirut.

What to do in Broummana

Climb mountains, walk the forest, enjoy wild nights, eat Lebanese traditional meals, and visit bars for a drink. These are few of the activities you can do in Broummana. Some parties are held in town by Lebanese and Arab artists.

Getting around in Broummana

Walking is recommended in Broummana as the town is small and there is no need for taxis. If you wanted to go away and head to Beirut or any other place, getting a car is recommended from one of the renting companies.

Broummana hotels

There are simple set of hotels in Broummana such as Printania Palace Hotel the very luxurious hotel located amid Broummana, this hotel offers 5-star stylish rooms, free internet and parking, as well as proximity to restaurants and shops. If you are looking for low prices and great views stay at Wakim Hotel which is a simple hotel but offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea and the mountains, this hotel is located within only 15 kilometers from Beirut. Pax hotel is surrounded by a forest of pine trees in Broummana city center, Pax Hotel offers rooms with good services and free internet access and a restaurant with all kinds of Eastern and Western cuisine.

Broummana tourist attractions

The most attractive thing in Broummana is the moderate weather in summer, and the fantastic natural scenes that make you feel in heaven within moments thanks to the mountains, green valleys, that take your breath away.

More info on Broummana

It is a very touristic area with lots of tourists especially from the gulf. It is known for its great weather during summer and its coldness during winter.

Below is some information about airports located in Broummana

Rafic Hariri International airport Code: BEY

It is located in the capital and it is being renewed during the last few years with more than 4 million travelers yearly.

Map of Broummana

Quick facts Broummana

Below are some facts about Broummana, Lebanon.
  • Population: 4 129
  • Language:
  • Currency: LBP
  • 1527.1LBP = 1 USD

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